Let your school’s P&C, board and/or principal know why it’s important to switch to Fairtrade cotton uniforms, and the difference it can make for farmers, children, and the environment.

We have created a Cleanest Uniform Presentation to help you talk to your P&C about making the change, but our suppliers can also provide you a quote based on your school’s needs.  

We suggest following these steps in an order that works for you:

  •  Download the Presentation  Find out more about the issues around cotton farming, and use it as a conversation starter with your P&C or board
  •  Email SuppliersIf you need more information or would like a quote, these Fairtrade cotton uniform suppliers will be able to help
  •  Email your Principal – Let your principal know you care about making the switch to Fairtrade cotton using our suggested text - or write your own!
  •  Download Postcards  Hand these out to parents, teachers, students and community members to spread the word about ethical cotton 
  •  Social Media  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and share our Cleanest Uniform posts or tag your school to get the word out about Fairtrade cotton
  •  Download Posters  Promote a switch to Fairtrade cotton on your school notice boards