Email your school principal

Use our suggested email text below in order to start a conversation with your school on making the switch to Fairtrade cotton polo shirts.

Dear [Principal]

Every day millions of children around the world don’t get to go to school. Sometimes it’s because of politics or war, sometimes children are excluded because they’re girls or an ethnic minority who aren’t welcome. But sometimes the reason is as simple as children having to work to help support their families or parents who can’t afford school or transport costs.

Cotton is the most important crop in the global textile industry, but most households involved in growing it are living in poverty. Farmers work in harsh conditions for little pay and many simply can’t afford to send their kids to school. Sometimes children even have to work alongside their parents just to make ends meet.  

Fairtrade cotton is different. We work with producers and farmers to ensure Fairtrade cotton production is ethical and sustainable every step of the way. We’re committed to improving the lives of cotton farmers and their families by advocating for safe working conditions and by paying an agreed price for cotton. By improving the livelihoods of farmers, we improve the lives of their children.

I would like you to please consider switching our school polo shirts to Fairtrade cotton. That way, no matter how dirty our uniforms get, at least we know they’re supply chain was clean!

You can find more information and Fairtrade cotton suppliers at


[Your name]